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Today we explored Boboli Garden. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time because I’ve heard so much about how gorgeous it is.


This place was insanely beautiful. We went in, went up a beautiful walkway, and were presented with the most beautiful view right off the bat. We took a look at the map to decide where we wanted to go and were shocked… it’s HUGE!! (someone said 45 acres). This garden will take at least a week of exploring everyday to even see half of it. We decided to go up and then to the left, which is only about 1/15th of the garden, ha!

I’m going to say this over and over, but it’s SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! When we got to the top, we got the most beautiful view of all of Florence, AGAIN!

We walked through tons and tons of beautiful paths and pretty walls and so much greenery. we were headed towards the left side of Boboli Gardens, so it actually ended and we went up to Bardini Gardens. There’s a villa (I think?) at the top of this but we went to the garden part because it’s the only place we were allowed with our student card (we get in here for FREE!!). I thought nothing could beat our view from the beginning but lo and behold… IT WAS EVEN BETTER.

We then went slightly to the right, which was the beautiful tunnel-like walkway that started the descent to the bottom of the gardens. It felt surreal. The tunnel itself was gorgeous, but the left side of it was amazing. The entire left side was open, with leaves hanging down, and overlooked ALL of Florence. The girls and I stood in this area for at least 20 minutes. Everytime we said “Okay, ready to head down now?”, none of us could move because it was SO beautiful. It was surreal to be standing there in a beautiful garden overlooking Florence… It just keeps hitting me that I LIVE HERE! I’m so blessed. I’m not stressed out about anything right now, but whenever I am, this place will melt it away in 0.000001 seconds.

When we walked a little further, we came upon a walkway lined with roses that also overlooked Florence. This whole garden does, pretty much. I get to spend my free time in beautiful gardens in Italy! AHHH! Anyway, the roses smelt phenomenal and they were so strong. It was picturesque. We smelled the roses all the way down and stopped at another flower patch. I just cant describe the beauty of this and we only saw a teeny, tiny portion of the gardens. As soon as I have free time again, you’ll find me right back in there. I want to explore a new part every Monday and Wednesday in my 2 hour break between classes!!!

The Ponte Vecchio never fails, of course.

This is an adorable dog that belongs to one of the shop owners near our apartment. He loves to hang out with people, and he especially loves to model for you 😉

Buonanotte, all!!! I’m going on my first day trip tomorrow, bright and early!! Stay tuned!

See all of my garden pictures HERE!
Amanda B.Boboli Bliss


  1. Ron Brookshire

    WOW! Gorgeous… What an amazing place to spend your time between classes. Its seems peaceful beyond belief. I so happy you are not rushed and you can really enjoy your time there. Love You!

  2. Carrolyn Brookshire

    The gardens are beyond belief, it is a very special place for you to want to spend so much time there. It must be magical! ENJOY, while you stop to smell the roses between your classes. So totally you! Love you!

  3. Samantha

    Wow. Beautiful! I love the canopy of roses. I think you need to paint while there. So picturesque!

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