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I’m a little all over the place, so don’t judge if this blog post isn’t as wonderfully written and exciting as usual 😉 a LOT has happened today.

So today was a nice day. We had our 2nd language class (normally we don’t have class on Fridays but we do on this Friday and the next to make up for some holidays that we have). Language class was exciting again, but i’ll definitely have to study a LOT! After class, we went home and relaxed until 3:45 when we had a mandatory walking tour through Florence.

The tour was cool because I finally got to learn a lot of history behind all of the beautiful churches, buildings, and statues here! I was spacing out quite a bit because my feet hurt and I was taking pictures, but I did catch a few interesting things.

The door in the picture below was the first “3D” art made, and it shows the entire story of the Old Testament in each panel of the doors. It’s called the Gates of Paradise. Michelangelo said that these gates are so beautiful that they could be the gates the paradise, and that’s the ONLY compliment he EVER paid another artist. The man who made this was very proud of himself and included his face, right at eye level.

After, we headed up to Piazzale Michelangelo, which overlooks all of Florence. it was GORGEOUS, We could see every building, and for once, the Duomo looked SMALL! It was so cool to see Florence from a totally different perspective! We brought up some champagne and drank it while we watched the sun set 🙂 The sunset wasn’t as great as we thought it would be, but we can’t complain when we’re at the top of Florence, ITALY!!!!!!!!!!!

There were tons of people there and the atmosphere was really nice. Of course we were being super touristy and taking tons of pictures before we even had a sip of our champagne and enjoyed the view, but hey, we got some pretty awesome pictures. But…….. that may have gotten me in trouble. I swear I put my cell phone into my purse and we made sure that the ledge was empty before we left. But when we got home (I didn’t use my phone at all on the way home)…. it was NOWHERE to be found. Someone had to have jacked it when I was looking away 🙁 So of course I began to feel extremely helpless – I can’t just pick up a phone and call my mom and dad! Plus, my phone only works on wifi here so it can’t be tracked. I could retrace my steps but theres a 99% chance someone already stole it. And they had to have because I know I didn’t lose it.

It’s funny and ironic because at the top of the Piazzale Michelangelo, my roommates and I were chatting about how we’ve been adjusting and how they’ve all reached their emotional point already. I was saying how I’m really surprised that I haven’t gotten emotional/homesick/had culture shock yet. Well… tonight was my lucky night!!! LOL. I held it together really well but then everything came flooding out. I’m okay now though, and luckily my phone is still covered under warranty and theft is covered so I just need to wait a week or so until my parents can send me my new one. (THANK YOU DAD!!! You are the BEST!) I know its such a millennial thing to say and I wish I wasn’t so dependent on a cell phone, but it just feels SO weird without one. In my defense though, I’m in a  foreign country and that’s like my lifeline to home and comfort – I’m always sending updates to my family anytime I have wifi! And, that’s how I get ahold of my friends here. But I can survive for a week or so.

Anyway, this was a stressful day towards the end but it was a great day all together. The view from the Piazzale makes it all okay 🙂 It’ll be fine in the end, and this is going to make me learn more about having mini first-world crises in foreign countries 😉

My roomies and I are going out on the town for the night!  They’ve been sooooo helpful and I’m so thankful! We’re also going to find a secret bakery really late tonight for some extremely fresh-made Italian pastries… 😀

Ciao for now! Buononotte!

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