Bye Guys, I’m Moving to Switzerland

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I bet you never thought you’d hear such a Cali girl who has never really experienced winter say such a thing, but it’s true. Okay, I’m not sure how feasible moving there will be, but I can promise I will be back here multiple times more and every time I’ll come back claiming I’m moving there again. I seriously loved it so much.

The air is so crisp and clean, waterfalls spout out of every mountain like it’s no big deal, and the lush green woods send you into enchantment as you hike your way through. What I love about it the most is the tranquility and purity. It’s so unspoiled and you can feel it. The landscape is simple, yet dramatic at the time and everything is uncluttered. The energy is so peaceful.

We got to Interlaken around 5 am on Friday from our bus ride, so the first thing we did was pass the heck out. When we all got up around 9:30 am, I rolled over and sat up and was greeted by the giant alps through my window. It was so pretty and was the best wakeup ever because I was not expecting that at all – it was pitch black when we got there!

I was supposed to go paragliding at 12:45 but we were informed that we had to reschedule due to wind conditions. This was pretty stressful because I HAD to do this. It was a big deal to me. So we rescheduled for Saturday at 9:30 (I planned the same time with my great friend whom I actually met at Oktoberfest. And here we were, in Switzerland together, rooming together and about to paraglide together. How awesome is that?)

Since paragliding was off, we had a relaxing day and didn’t do anything too extreme. We walked along the river that leads to one of the lakes (Interlaken is set between two big lakes, hence its name).

Okay….. THE WATER.

It is AQUA.

I don’t even know how to explain the water color but I was pretty obsessed with it, so although I only uploaded a few pictures to Facebook, I actually took about 95 of the same thing.

At the lake we relaxed and took girly pictures, of course.

After the lake, we grabbed some lunch and then while some of my friends went off to shop, my other friends and I played ping pong for awhile and then we went mini golfing. It was fun and also freezing so I ditched out halfway through and just took countless pictures of the sun going down behind the alps.

The next day, we woke up bright and early for our PARAGLIDING SESSION!!!! This was a big deal, guys. That chairlift in Capri was a big deal to me, and I was that girl who chickened out halfway through ziplining in Hawaii. Surprisingly though, I wasn’t really nervous because I was way too excited.

We were supposed to take off of a mountain called Beatenburg but because of of clouds, we went to a MUCH higher and way more beautiful mountain in the completely opposite direction – to a little place called Murren. It was about a 25 minute drive, and then we had to take a gondola basically straight up the mountain, then hike up a hill for 10 minutes. It was breathtaking. We were so high. I have some amazing pictures but due to phone complications, I wont be able to upload them for another few days – so keep a look out for those!

This is actually where the creator of Lord of the Rings was inspired!!!!!!

Once we got set up I got a little nervous because I was about to have to run down this grassy hill and off a cliff. But I was staring straight at the alps and it calmed me a little bit, so a lot of squealing and knee-shaking was the extent of my anxiety. We started running and I felt the parachute catch the air and all of the sudden I was up in the air and soaring extremely high over a big valley with the snowy mountains on one side and a steep stoney mountain lined in waterfalls on the other side.

I cannot even describe the feeling. I have never been that high in my life, and here I was, just floating along the mountaintops like a bird with my legs dangling. I felt so small – the best kind of small you can experience. I was just a tiny speck floating by in this grand landscape. I had the biggest smile on the entire time. At one point, my paraglide guy took us right against the waterfalls and I could almost touch them with my foot!!

After the paragliding and after I calmed down a little bit from my obsessive happiness, we got lunch back in town and then set off to hike in Beatenburg, where we were originally supposed to take off from. The ride took about 25 minutes up a mountain and we were covered in fog the entire time, which was worrisome. However, we were told it would be sunny so I kept my hopes up. And ALAS, we broke through the clouds and we saw the hills roll down into a sea of clouds and the grand alps sitting ever so calmly and beautifully against it. It was SO BEAUTIFUL.

Our “hike” was more of a walk through the cutest mountaintop village ever, because we got off on the wrong spot. No complaints though – we saw llamas, cows, cats, adorable quaint houses, and stopped every 2 minutes to take more pictures because it was ridiculous. (Click these to make them bigger)

Finally, we found a little trail going up a hill so we hiked up that. It only took about 10 minutes but was SUPER steep so that was good enough, haha. There, we laid down on the hill gazing at the view and watching the sunset. I had to keep pinching myself here, again.

(I have awesome pictures from here too, but they’re on someone else’s camera so keep a lookout for those soon too!)

Once we returned to town, we got dinner and then we went on an organized pub crawl with a bunch of people from our travel group. I had some delicious christmas beers and other yummy beverages!

On Sunday morning, my friends went hiking again but I was too tired and felt like having a relaxing, slow morning before we left at 2. I bought some swiss chocolate bars (holiday editions, woohoo!), and took another stroll along the gorgeous water and when I got to the lake, I sat there and journaled and ate chocolate for a while. It was the absolute perfectly simple and fulfilling morning.

Then, I shopped around at some stores and grabbed some delicious seafood for lunch with friends that I ran into in the restaurant and all too quickly, it was time to pack up and get ready to leave. 🙁

I was NOT emotionally ready to leave and it really sucked. I already miss it and the beauty. Switzerland really is one of the most beautiful places in the world and I can’t believe I got to fly over that, hike through that, and gaze at that for 3 days straight.

I know I’ve said it’s amazing about 10,000 times but that’s really the only way I can describe it…To say the least.


Amanda B.Bye Guys, I’m Moving to Switzerland


  1. Ron Brookshire

    The color of the water and the backdrop of the snow capped mountains is absolutely incredible. I can see why you love it so much… everything says peaceful!

    I am so proud of you for conquering your fears and taking the leap… wasn’t it exhilarating! You might be addicted now to the excitement, the rush and the amazing feeling you felt after you were done 🙂

    I am so glad you are taking advantage of every possible opportunity while you are there… IT IS A ONCE IN A LIFETIME ADVENTURE… that you are going to have to to expand upon in your future!


  2. Grandma Sue

    The paragliding had to be the best, absolute quiet and beautiful landscape, “wow” is all I can say. so very very proud of you for taking the leap. Your Daddy said it all. You will have such amazing memories. Still counting the days until we have you home for Christmas. Love ya!

  3. Mom

    Ha ha ha ha I am SO PROUD OF YOU FOR PARAGLIDING! even though I will NEVER EVER EVER DO IT! If you are gonna do it… SWITZERLAND IS THE PLACE! Wow… it was so beautiful when I was there twice (in the airport 🙁 ) I wanted to get outside and see it so badly!! Then, i flew OVER the Alps TWICE and actually saw Interlaken and the lakes from my plane (AND… the MATTERHORN!) I could imagine in my mind how peaceful and beautiful it would be down there and all of your pictures are exactly what I imagined! Not only is it beautiful, but from my experience with the crew on my SWISS AIR flight (for 12 Hours)…they are the most lovely people as well!

    He I noticed you were wearing those awesome socks I left you! YAY! I only wish I could have left you MORE PAIRS!

    Well, I know you and hopefully me and the fam will be back there AND ITALY SOON! I have the Travel Bug now! Oh and when you get back…do you think you will go to the top of Stonewall peak finally??? LOL

    Love you – Mom

  4. samantha

    Wow, I seriously want to CRY just looking at these pictures. I have never, ever seen anything so beautiful. EVER. Like, in my LIFE. Wow! You are so blessed to be able to have these experiences.

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