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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two weeks, you know that my wonderful mom just visited me in italy for two weeks! This is the reason I’ve been MIA but there ain’t no time for blogging when you’ve got all of Italy to conquer with your momma! I thought two weeks would be plenty of time, but it was like I blinked and *poof!*… it was over. I already miss her so much but we had the best time ever and did SO many things. Being in Italy together was a dream come true for both of us!

We ate giant delicious paninis together, enjoyed the joy of no law against drinking in public and took our wine everywhere, spent nights talking about life on the church steps, and explored foods from all over the world at a food festival. We got lost in the green gardens of Boboli, laid on giant marble “pillows”, shed some tears over the most amazing gnocchi, and cheers-ed with our champagne while overlooking Florence at sunset.

I watched her eyes roll back into her head at first taste of the pesto, and we dined like beasts with the never-ending food at aperitif. We were generously treated with endless free gifts from the italians and we roamed around Sicily on Halloween. We learned more about our family tree, eat a meal so long that we lost count of the number of courses, spent a day at castles atop a medieval mountain overlooking the mediterranean, ate pizza from the south, and visited the sea salt mines.

We strolled around the luscious green wilderness of Fiesole and gawked at the view of Florence and Tuscany. We drank wine everywhere we went and giggled together nonstop. We got caught in a rainstorms and we saw with our own eyes the work of Michelangelo in the Uffizi and the Sistine Chapel and we let the emotions flow as the art worked its magic on us. We had dinner with another Italian cousin, walked, walked, walked, and took endless selfies with our selfie stick.

The colosseum now holds our footprints, and the Vatican left us in awe. We explored endless Roman ruins, and almost cried in the most beautiful church we have ever been in or dreamed of. We experienced the differences in pizza based on the region, we caught up over wine with more family, had a classic movie moment while sprinting to our train, and tasted red wine for hours in the Tuscan hills.

Basically, we had the best 2 weeks ever. This short synospis doesn’t even begin to explain everything and I know I left out a lot, but I’m so thankful for our time together! <3 I could not have asked for a better time! (besides maybe not walking so much and having a giant hotel, but one day this will happen when we vacation here). She is my BEST friend and has the same soul as me. It was funny how many of my friends here commented on how my mom and I are the EXACT same person after meeting her, haha. I LOVE YOU MOMMY! I can’t wait until we’re back here again!!! <3

As for life currently, there’s no real question because it’s always great here. As soon as my mom left, i studied studied studied because I just had two finals for my Italian language class. We move VERY quickly so now I’m moving up to Level 3 which is equivalent to my 3rd quarter in school of Italian!

Yesterday, I intended to go on a run, but shortly after I started, an older Italian lady stopped me and asked what the time was. I told her in Italian and it took her by surprise. She started talking to me and we ended up walking for a mile home together just chatting about life. She gave me so much great advice and we learned so much about each other! She was the sweetest woman ever. When we parted, she gave me the longest hug and it melted my heart.

I have a very serious habit (if that’s what you would call it?) of just looking at people everywhere I go and wondering what their story is. Their struggles, their relationships, how their day is going. Are they having the worst day of their life, did they just get a promotion? Where have they traveled, what are their goals, what are they thinking about right now? I think it’s fascinating because at any given moment, every single one of us are thinking about a million different things and going through so many changes, emotions, and struggles/achievements, yet from the outside, you can’t tell – Not one bit. I always wish I could just KNOW everything about someone’s life because I’m so curious, but having that ability would take away the joy of meeting someone and the little thrill and excitement of learning bits and pieces of them. Like I did on my walk with this lady. 🙂

Weeks tend to be a big blur here and sometimes I really don’t know how I handle non-stop school, travel, socializing, and exploring, but I love it. Tonight will be a LONG one – my friend and I will be leaving our apartment at 3:10 AM to begin our travels to PARIS! I can’t complain about the ridiculousness of the time because i CANT WAIT to see France!!!

Next week I’ll start getting back into my blogging routine. Ciao Ciao! <3

Amanda B.Catching Up On this Crazy Life


  1. Carrolyn S Brookshire

    Enjoy Paris Amanda, because I can’t wait to hear more stories about your travels and life changing moments. But I do miss you lots and look forward to your coming back home for the holidays.
    Love you!

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