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A Day As An Italian Chef

In Florence, Italy by Amanda B.3 Comments

Yesterday, my Italian class got to go to culinary school and spend our 3 hours of class cooking up a storm! I've been waiting so patiently for this ALL semester. We made Tortelli di Patate, Tagliatelle al Pomodoro, and Schiacciata alla Fiorentina. I was in charge of making the pasta and ravioli with some of my other classmates and it was ...
Amanda B.A Day As An Italian Chef
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Life Lately

In Italy by Amanda B.3 Comments

Ciao, ragazzi! I'm kicking myself because I know I've been completely slacking on my blog posts, but at the same time, I'm glad I'm so busy because it means I'm having a blast!  I'm currently relaxing at my kitchen table and drinking some green tea and I just love how much it feels like home here. It's always funny to ...
Amanda B.Life Lately

Our Day Making the Italians Angry…

In Florence, Italy by Amanda B.3 Comments

Yesterday, my friends and I had grand plans of renting vespas and driving them to the hot springs. We had visions of cruising through Tuscany in the sunshine on our vespas like true Italians and then spending the day lounging around in the hot, therapeutic waters of the hot springs. So basically, a day of a paradise. That’s simple right? …

Amanda B.Our Day Making the Italians Angry…

Some Small Things I’ve Learned

In Florence, Italy by Amanda B.5 Comments

So, like I’ve said before, every day is learning experience while you’re abroad. I’ve learned more things about myself and my desires than I ever suspected and I’ve had some pretty deep conversations with friends here who are also discovering so much. Speaking of learning experiences, I just got back from my first meeting with my language exchange partner! What …

Amanda B.Some Small Things I’ve Learned

Our Essence is in Exploring

In Florence, Italy by Amanda B.2 Comments

This morning i set out for my run with no expectations, besides the fact that I was going to run far and run somewhere new. This is the great thing about living in a foreign city, especially one so rich with history and architecture. Just when I think I’ve gotten to know Florence pretty darn well, a beautiful new building …

Amanda B.Our Essence is in Exploring
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This World is Too Beautiful {Almafi Coast}

In Almafi Coast, Italy by Amanda B.3 Comments

I'm not gonna lie, I'm somewhat depressed as I write this because I'm just looking at the wall and sitting in a chair instead of looking at the bright blue water of the Almafi Coast from Mount Solaro and sitting in the sand of Positano. All sad feelings aside, the Almafi Coast is absolutely, positively, strikingly, breathtakingly, extremely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!! I ...
Amanda B.This World is Too Beautiful {Almafi Coast}

What Can’t Be Captured

In Florence, Italy by Amanda B.6 Comments

I’ve been diligently and maybe obsessively taking pictures to remember every moment on this trip. These pictures are great for memories and for my family and friends to relish in, but there’s a whole other side to my experiences here that just cannot be captured in pictures. I just got back from a run through Florence. I ran all over …

Amanda B.What Can’t Be Captured