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Rainy Day Musings

In Florence, Italy by Amanda B.3 Comments

This whole relying-solely-on-yourself in a new country and improving is actually great – I have officially conquered my fear of thunderstorms! I know, I know… that’s not very deep and self-revelational (although those things are also happening) but… it’s a good thing nonetheless. I have a semi-irrational fear of thunderstorms at night, and since they rarely happen in SoCal and …

Amanda B.Rainy Day Musings

Cinque Terre

In Italy by Amanda B.6 Comments

Today, I had another one of those I-feel-like-i'm-in-a-dream days. Wait, who am I kidding? ...that's been pretty much everyday here. But today was something new - I took my first day trip and it was to Cinque Terre! I'm still in utter disbelief that I'm actually experiencing all the places in the pictures I would stare longingly at on my computer ...
Amanda B.Cinque Terre
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Boboli Bliss

In Florence, Italy by Amanda B.4 Comments

Today we explored Boboli Garden. I've been looking forward to this for a long time because I've heard so much about how gorgeous it is. OH MY GOSH This place was insanely beautiful. We went in, went up a beautiful walkway, and were presented with the most beautiful view right off the bat. We took a look at the map ...
Amanda B.Boboli Bliss
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Bump in the Road

In Florence, Italy by Amanda B.1 Comment

I'm a little all over the place, so don't judge if this blog post isn't as wonderfully written and exciting as usual ;) a LOT has happened today. So today was a nice day. We had our 2nd language class (normally we don't have class on Fridays but we do on this Friday and the next to make up for ...
Amanda B.Bump in the Road
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Sore Feet and Paninis

In Florence, Italy by Amanda B.5 Comments

Today was our Italian language placement exam at 9 AM. These past days have been full of wandering so today I finally got to learn the straight path from our apartment to the study center... It's 1 mile but isn't bad at all! I love it because I get to gaze lustfully like an idiot at all the pretty buildings ...
Amanda B.Sore Feet and Paninis
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Thank God for Visuals

In Florence, Italy by Amanda B.10 Comments

So there's this small thing called a language barrier and it's just slightly a struggle (sarcasm here, if you couldn't tell). Like when you're supposed to move your luggage but instead you stand there clueless while your bellhop explains himself 4 times over, only speaking faster each time. Or like when you really need a fork for your overflowing sandwich but don't ...
Amanda B.Thank God for Visuals
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En Route Thoughts

In Italy by Amanda B.7 Comments

Well here I am – sipping coffee on the final descent to Brussels with a sore butt, heavy eyes, and a roller coaster of thoughts. I was that little girl who had to be dragged into the car kicking and screaming just to go to Disneyland with my best friend because I had separation anxiety from my parents. I was …

Amanda B.En Route Thoughts