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Today, I had another one of those I-feel-like-i’m-in-a-dream days. Wait, who am I kidding? …that’s been pretty much everyday here. But today was something new – I took my first day trip and it was to Cinque Terre! I’m still in utter disbelief that I’m actually experiencing all the places in the pictures I would stare longingly at on my computer and dream about going to one day. I’m finally following those dreams!! It’s just still really surreal to me.

FYI – I’m really exhausted (action-packed day with no stopping from 5:30 AM-9 PM now) so this post will just be my writing and I’ll put a link to my facebook album of it. No fancy layout today – sleep is more important 😉 But check out the rest of the pictures on my facebook!!!! They are GORGEOUS.

The first town we visited was Monarola, and the second I stepped off the train, it was everything I hoped it would be. The town is really quaint, yet so lively with all the bright buildings. It has a really cozy feel 🙂 We walked through the town and headed down towards the water, and my god – it was so picturesque and BEAUTIFUL. The water is crystal clear and I wanted to dive in instantly. There’s a cool small beach where tons of people were cliff jumping and tanning. We climbed on the rocks a little bit and then walked up a hill that gets a 360 view. There’s something so breathtaking about tons of bright, old houses nestled into a hillside, with jagged cliffs and bright blue water. I seriously could not stop gasping!!!

So then we hopped on the train again and went to Vernazza. Vernazza was beautiful also but we didn’t spend much time looking around because we grabbed lunch and started a hike. I got a seafood cone – a big cone filled with fresh caught and friend calamari, lobster, crab, and anchovies! (the anchovies were actually delicious!) They aren’t exaggerating when they say Italy has incredible seafood… it was easily the best fried seafood i have EVER tasted. It was just how I like it – a little bit fried but where you’re still able to get huge chunks of the seafood and it’s still juicy and tender!

Then, we started our hike! The entire hike was reeeeeally steep and went up these stone stairs most of the way. It was a 1.5-2 hr hike, although we probably took longer because of all of our picture stops. It was breathtaking at the top – you could see the entire ocean and each of the towns getting smaller and smaller, along with the jagged cliffs and bright blue water. ahhhh! It was insanely gorgeous. There were all sorts of little ponds, stone arches and bridges, and cool rustic things. Once we finally started to descend, the landscape turned into more vineyards. There was the cutest old man in a TINY hut poking out of his vineyard selling lemonade and wine!

FINALLY we got to Monteresso! We immediately changed and dived right in – my first dip in the Mediterranean Sea felt incredible! It is saltier than at home though, but I LOVED it! We went up to the bar after that and I got a bucket of Pina Colada and all my friends and I hung out in the water and just relaxed for a good 2 hours. I love, love, loved the village. When we were getting ready to leave, we got foccachia bread with fresh pesto (pesto was invented in Cinque Terre) – ANOTHER meal for the books. The bread was extremely fresh, hot, and perfectly soft yet crunchy. And of course the pesto was divine. Plus, the piece of bread was HUGE – probably 2x the size of my head!!

It really was THE perfect day and I couldn’t be happier right now. I’m just in awe of how much beauty is in this world <3 Go look at my facebook for ALL the pics!!!!! (really)

Pictures Here!
Amanda B.Cinque Terre


  1. Libby

    My favorite part is “bucket of piña colada” hehe. These posts make my life I’m so happy for you!

    1. Author
      Amanda B.

      Lol duh…. gotta do it right! I was craving it all day long so I got the equivalent of like, 4 😉

  2. Carrolyn S Brookshire

    Ohhhhhh I want one of the seafood cones……sounds so good. Italy is on my bucket list…and hopefully I can figure out a way to get there while I can still move around on my own….LOL

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