First Night in Florence

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(Late past from the first night here (yesterday) – took too long to upload my pics!)

Let me tell you – Italy has to be pretty amazing to have me still buzzing in excitement, wide awake, when I’ve been on 3 flights and have slept up to 4 hours in the past 36 hours!! Now that I just calculated that, I’m pretty shocked. But I’m more shocked at how flippin’ AMAZING Italy is. I’ll try to make this short and sweet because I’m reaching the point of being delirious finally, but there’s just so much to say.

So I started being in love with Italy as I daydreamed about Italy during the entire flight. But then, we flew over Tuscany and I was gazing out the window at the rolling hills with the chatter of two older Italian men next to me in the background. And it was amazing. It was SO green and the hills were rolling and luscious and you could see every vineyard that produces this land of wine heaven. The houses were clustered in crevices of the hills, some of them spilling down the side and it was SO pretty to see. I know I looked funny with my face pressed against the window and wide eyes, haha. Ignore this lame attempt to show you guys because it doesn’t give it 2% justice.

Just as I thought I was all blissed out as could be with images of Tuscan hills dancing in my head, we actually drove through Italy (lol). The streets were so confusing, but so beautifully confusing. Every turn took us into a new really cool street. And yes, I was ooh and ahh’ing dramatically and snapping 10,000,000 pictures like the tourist I am. Our hotel was the cutest little thing, with four single beds and really tall windows and pretty curtains. It conveniently on the Ponte Vecchio street, which has loads and loads and LOADS of shopping, restaurants, and GELATO!!!!!! (It has been my dream to live next to a gelato place here, so this was stupidly satisfying). There was a lot of people out shopping and walking around, I’m guessing because it was a Sunday? So then we all got ready and went out to explore. Seriously, every turn is beautiful. Every wall is beautiful. And I don’t care if it sounds like I’m exaggerating because if you guys were here you’d be agreeing with me. I’ll be obsessing about this in every post now though so i’ll keep it simple. We wandered in awe for about an hour and then stopped for dinner in one of the big piazzas. It was delicious and I got to have my first glass of wine in Italy!!!!


Here’s me smiling with my first wine shortly before I knocked it over and spilled it all over the back of the waiter’s pants. He had no idea I did this and didn’t hear my apology so I had to watch him feeling his pants all confused the rest of time and try my hardest not to spit out the rest of my wine from laughing.

Then, we wandered in 20 other directions and were too overwhelmed with amazingness so we want back, rested for an hour, and then went out for gelato. We were expecting to just meet our friend at the Ponte Vecchio bridge to watch the sunset, but it turns out this AMAZING musician (I’m bringing his CD back for sure) was playing and tons of people were watching. Maybe it’s just this new lust I have for Italy, but I’m 99.9% sure it was one of the most blissful, relaxing moments of my life.

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Then, we wandered some more and more. Florence is even more AMAZING at night, by the way. It just has this magical, romantic feeling and the lights illuminate the streets and the architecture perfectly. It’s actually pretty annoying how amazing and beautiful and perfect it is. Like at all times. I need to slow down a little on my obsession because I’ve only been here 8 hours ….. not gonna do that though because sorry, it’s too amazing. I’M SO HAPPPPPPPPPYYYYYYY! Tomorrow we check in to our school and get our apartment assignments!!!! eeeek! okay i’m going to finally pass out (though I must say, I’ve been pretty invincible to jet lag). Love you all 🙂 <3

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Amanda B.First Night in Florence


  1. Angela Brookshire

    Wow! I am totally living through you right now! I just love these posts of yours because I feel like I’m there sharing this incredible experience with you! I have been thanking God for giving you this incredible opportunity and to keep you safe while you are on this fantastic adventure of a lifetime! We all miss you so much already but I know these 4 months will go by so fast for you! Live every moment with thankfulness and joy and don’t stop blogging! We want to see every little thing! !! I love you! Ciao!

  2. Maddy Hope

    Ok… So you use adjectives like it’s yo job girl! and it’s making me Hungary and thirsty, and making my feet hurt from walking around itly so much in my mind with you hehe!!! I miss you x2 because I usually just miss you in Cali… Now I miss you double cause you’re in ITALYYY! I can’t believe it, still!!! So proud and I just LOVE reading all your posts! Have a glass or 4 of wine for me and 17 scoops of gelato!!! Love you tons!!!!

    1. Author
      Amanda B.

      HAHAHA. good!!!!! you better be living vicariously through me!!!!! it’s the 2nd best thing to you being here! I MISS YOU TOO! and will do, on my way to devour 17 scoops of gelato and 4 glasses of wine now >:)

  3. Carrolyn Brookshire

    Sounds so amazing, you have an incredible gift to write I feel that I am right there. Especially remembering my trip to London &Ireland and the first of many 36 hours with little sleep… is magical. Enjoy and savory every moment. Thank God everyday for all the beautiful creations on this earth. Have a wonderful day everyday. Love you

  4. Ron Brookshire

    I am so proud of you and so excited for you. We are all hanging on your every word and photo… our chance to experience Italy through you. Love You!

  5. Lindsay Brookshire

    Mandy you are doing such an amazing job with these posts! I am so happy you are writing this for all of us to read because it just gives us a little glimpse into your exciting adventure! Wish we were there with you, love you!

  6. Tricia Ferrer

    My heart is with you and my body wishes I was! Eat a peanut buttery- chocolatey gelato for me! Or that pineapple one looks pretty amazing if they don’t “do” peanut butter over there 🙂

    1. Author
      Amanda B.

      ugh I wish there was peanut butter kind. I literally dreamed about eating peanut butter last night hahahahaha. I got dark chocolate though and it was AMAZING. trying a fruity one next!!

  7. Katie Menzies

    I have re read this like 5 times since you posted it. I absolutely LOVE these. I miss you tons already. Love you!

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