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I’m not gonna lie, I’m somewhat depressed as I write this because I’m just looking at the wall and sitting in a chair instead of looking at the bright blue water of the Almafi Coast from Mount Solaro and sitting in the sand of Positano.

All sad feelings aside, the Almafi Coast is absolutely, positively, strikingly, breathtakingly, extremely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!! I feel so so so blessed to have gotten to visit this famous coastline!

We left Thursday night and got into Sorrento around 3 am. I slept most of the way but by 2 am, I was getting super jittery, antsy, and bouncy because we had been driving on windy roads on a cliff along the water for the longest time and I was so excited to see it in daylight!! Unfortunately, we had to wake up at 6:45 am for our day but that’s 100% okay because what came next was completely worth it.

Friday morning, we went down to the adorable port in Sorrento and got on a ferry to go to the island of Capri. The ferry alone was just gorgeous because THE WATER. It’s so clear and bright and turquoise and seriously I could stare at it for 100 days in a row and still be mesmerized.

Once we got to Capri, we all got onto a private boat and began our boat tour around CAPRI! The beginning was really rough and there were some pretty large waves (it was scary a few times) but once we turned a corner, the water was totally calm and beautiful. We drove past the most beautiful cliffs, jagged rocks, and a lot of famous peoples’ houses! Did you know that Michael Jackson really wanted to buy this certain house perched on a cliff in Capri, and put in a $17-20 million offer but was flat out rejected? We also saw the mansions of people like Denzel Washington! We then continued on to see an adorable goat up on the mountain and to pass the Punta Carena lighthouse, which is the second most important and powerful lighthouse in italy! Sadly (REALLY sadly), we couldn’t enter the Blue Grotto because the waves were too big, but we went into the Green Grotto which was absolutely incredible. As you can see, the water basically matched my shirt. After the grotto, we went through the famous lovers arch. Apparently, it’s bad luck if you don’t kiss someone when you go under them (where are you Zack?!?!)

After we got off the boat, we headed into Capritown and I got a granita. It’s an Italian ice drink with fresh squeezed lemon juice, orange juice, and vodka. This may sound simple but I can assure you it is NOT and that it was the BEST DRINK I’VE EVER HAD. It tasted soooooooo fresh and simply amazing! Then, we took a shuttle up to Anacapri, which is higher up on the mountain and offers the most AMAZING view.

We stopped for lunch and I got the raved-about lemon shrimp pasta and a caprese pizza (Caprese was invented in Capri, so that’s a given). I shared both with my friend. The pasta was AMAZING, as was the pizza as well!

DSCN2435   DSCN2438

Here’s the thing – I was all for doing the chairlift, ALL day long. Except, I don’t think I actually thought about it, and when I looked in the distance and saw the chairs going up a wire STRAIGHT UP the top of the mountain, I turned into a deer in headlights and told all my friends “I ain’t goin”. Luckily though, they coaxed me through it and I came to my senses and remembered that I want to get over my fear of heights. So, I ignored my stomach ache and shaking legs during the entire wait, convinced myself that I just LOVEEEE being high up on a teeny tiny chair, and I jumped right onto that chairlift with the biggest fake confidence I could muster up.

I normally won’t even stand on the edge of a rock, or ride roller coasters, or do ANYTHING so this is kinda huge.

And, lo and behold, it was so worth it. Even though my hands were clenched on so tightly to the chair that it hurt and even though my hands were sweating and my body was frozen, I forced myself to turn around a few times while going up the mountain to catch the most INCREDIBLE view of the water and the mountain. Also, going up the mountain and at the top, there are a ton of wild KITTENS!

My friends and I soaked up the view from the top for a while. It was a 360 degree view and although these pictures may look great, they’re actually pathetic compared to reality and only capture 1/10th of the view.

(Look at me, being all fearless on the way back! 😉 The way down actually wasn’t as scary for me and I loved it. I mean, you can’t not love it when you’re going down a beautiful mountain staring at the Mediterranean Sea).

So, after we strolled around Capri some more, we took the ferry back to Sorrento where our hostel was. (By the way, hostel is a totally inappropriate name because this “hostel” was basically a hotel, complete with a bar, dance floor, restaurant, rooftop lounge, and extremely nice rooms). Everyone went into town this night, and all my friends and I went to a great bar called “English Inn”. It was outside and looked garden-esque and had a cool dance floor which we danced forever on. They love to play the oldies there so you can bet we were getting DOWNNN. (think Yeah by Usher, and all those good oldies). Then, we all went to a cool club and continued our dancing and caught a cab back around 2 am!

On Saturday morning, we got a little bit later of a start (9 am) and went to Positano. Here, we had an entire beach day to ourselves. It took forever to get up to Positano, because again, the entire route consisted of extremely windy roads on the cliff. I’m not complaining one bit because there I was, yet AGAIN, gawking out the window with my jaw dropped. This seems to be a trend.

We hung out on the beach for an hour while we waited for our friends from the other hotel to get there. Once they did, we got paninis. I have to go on a tangent on this blog again because… forget everything and anything I’ve ever said about the “best sandwich I’ve ever had” because THIS one was hands-down the ABSOLUTE best, and blew every other panini OUTTA THE WATER. Ohhhhh my god. I got “one” panini but it’s really like 2 ginormous paninis so I split it with my friend, who let me order the whole thing because apparently I’m a food connoisseur. We got focaccia bread with pesto, turkey, arugula, huge chunks of mozzarella, artichoke hearts, and sundried tomatoes. Seriously, it was the most fresh, incredible thing I have ever eaten and every single thing I’ve eaten since that panini has been pathetic and dumb and I’m really really sad now.

After an overly-long discussion, everyone split up and I ended up going with my 2 friends on a private boat with some other random girls along Positano to the caves. The boat was small so we got to ride with our feet in the water the whole time 😀 When we got to the cave/grotto, I dove right in and the water felt PERFECT. The cave was a whole ‘nother story, though – the water was the clearest thing I have EVER seen and so turquoise, my gosh. I could see every single tiny detail on the ocean floor and the it looked like it was only 2 feet deep, but of course I couldn’t even come close to touching.

Once we got back from riding on our boat, it was almost time to go so we headed off back to our hostel again! Everyone from the other hotels came over to our hostel that night and we danced, ate dinner, hung out on the rooftop lounge, and a bunch of friends and I ended up making a midnight excursion down to the water.

On SUNDAY, we went to Pompeii. It was gorgeous and SO cool to see. I wish we had more time there, because there is so much to see – I think our guide said it’s 190 acres big. Regardless, what we did see was fascinating and I loved being able to physically walk through an ancient civilization that went through so much devastation from Mount Vesuvius. The coolest parts we went through were the downtown area, the brothel (very interesting… this is where men came to be, um, serviced by prostitutes and they chose their room based on the position), the food market, and another place that I forgot what it was.

After Pompeii, we headed back home and that’s pretty much it. Although it’s not really it, because it was an incredible weekend and I’ll never be able to retell all the glorious details, but this is somewhat good enough. Almafi was the most BEAUTIFUL coastal town I’ve ever been to, with the most BEAUTIFUL views of my life. AHH, it was seriously an incredible, incredible weekend!!!!

PS…. sono molto molto allegro perché sto facando bene in italiano e ho un voto fantastico a il mio primo esame! Mi piace imparare la lingua italiana!

(I am very very happy because I am doing well in Italian and have a fantastic grade on my first test! I love to learn Italian language!)

Amanda B.This World is Too Beautiful {Almafi Coast}


  1. Cherida Bush

    Brava! Good to see you’re having a great time! Here will be more relaxing (can’t go on big adventures with the kids) but hope to show you a couple of nice places. 🙂

    Sono contenta che stai andando bene in italiano, complimenti per il bel voto al tuo primo esame! 😀

  2. Ron Brookshire

    WOW, your excitement and smiles tell the whole story 🙂 Looks like a little Zeus hanging out in paradise. Now that you have conquered your fear of heights, maybe the top of stone wall peak when you get back? Looks like so much fun… keep soaking it all up and writing and posting about it, so we can continue to live vicariously though you.

  3. Carrolyn S Brookshire

    I can’t believe how beautiful everything looks, and you are amazing…..You are the bravest person I know to conquer your fear of heights….maybe you can help your Mom when she gets there. LOL. Enjoy and with your smiles and beauty you can do anything. Love and miss you but so excited for you on each of your adventures. Keep the blogs coming .

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