What Can’t Be Captured

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I’ve been diligently and maybe obsessively taking pictures to remember every moment on this trip. These pictures are great for memories and for my family and friends to relish in, but there’s a whole other side to my experiences here that just cannot be captured in pictures.

I just got back from a run through Florence. I ran all over the back streets and then came up to the Santa Croce church, Arno River, and Piazza della Signoria, when a strikingly beautiful sunset caught my eye. I literally could not capture this moment because I didn’t bring my camera. However, even if I did have the opportunity to snap a picture, it wouldn’t have captured that moment in it’s truest form.

It wouldn’t have captured the fading pink and purple speckled throughout the clouds, the tiny rays of Tuscan sun yearning to peek out of the clouds and see one last glimpse of Florence before the Earth finished its spin to the moon. It wouldn’t have captured the murmuring of mixed languages, all buzzing with happiness and awe over the statues and buildings holding thousands of years of history. Nor would it have captured the glow of dusk cascading down the chiseled bodies of Hercules and Cacus and the faint smell of baking bread.

My pictures will never quite be able to capture the feeling I get when I look down endless narrow streets lined with beautiful, colorful Florentine buildings. Nor will they be able to capture the wobbly feel of cobblestone on my feet and the friendliness radiating out of every shop owner as they invite my taste buds in to dance with their perfectly carved meat and carefully aged cheese.

It’s the most indescribable feeling – the fact that I can describe my experiences all day long, and I can retell every detail, but there are memories, moments, and sensations that only I will know the true feeling of.  My attempted description in this blog post cannot even capture it fully.

These little moments in such a beautiful country is what I’ve dreamed of, these little moments are what I live for, and these little moments are the ones I’m going to hold close in my heart forever when I reminisce over this trip. That’s one thing I can be sure of.

Amanda B.What Can’t Be Captured


  1. Mom

    Amanda I agree with Duane! This was so incredibly written! I could feel, hear, see, smell and taste everything you described and I know exactly what you mean by having to actually experience to truly know how incredible it is! Luckily…. I WILL GET TO DO THAT WITH YOU! I cannot wait to get there! I want to see, smell, and FEEL it ALL! I am still so speechless! Getting to fly over there and share some of this time in Italy with you is a blessing beyond words that I still cannot get my head around!

  2. Ron Brookshire

    Your descriptions are amazing and make us feel like we are there, but you are totally right… there are aspects that are beyond any description and only captured through a combination of all your senses. All of those smells, sights, sounds , feelings and emotions will come flooding back whenever you look at your photos and read your blog posts. This is not just an amazing experience, it is becoming a permanent part of you! Love you.

  3. Grandma Sue

    I hope that this is notes for the beautiful book you are going to write about your experiences and your trip to Italy….OMGosh Amanda I agree with your Mom & Dad, reading your words is amazing you can’t wait to get to the next paragraph… Please keep it up I look forward to this everyday. love you.

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